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When we launched this initiative we had no idea how bad censorship on the internet would become. Over the past few years, multiple domains have been shuttered via registrars, facebook and twitter have been on a warpath to silence alternative opinions, and youtube and google have been hard at work censoring anything that goes against […]

clich from a girly romantic novel

Despite Ms. Etesse’s generally positive experience, she and her husband decided to set limits when their two daughters spent six hours straight staring at the iPhone during a car trip. Now they allow each child no more than one hour a day of screen time. cheap iphone Cases They located that vehicle Thursday morning at […]

occupied by various family members

Conclusion: Vaccination uptake increased when comparing pre and post ACA waves of data. This increase in vaccination coverage could be related to the increased preventative service coverage, which includes vaccines, required by the ACA. Future studies may focus on the role insurance has on vaccination uptake, and meeting Healthy People 2020 objectives for vaccination coverage.. […]

bar is a cricket museum with

In her home on the school’s sprawling property 40 minutes from Harare’s city centre, a discarded pair of orange pads, “which must be Alistair’s from some time or other”, welcome visitors into the hallway. The bar is a cricket museum with caps and shirts from various era of Zimbabwean cricket decorating the walls. “I don’t […]

hardcore survivalist types run

All the work he puts in, the time he dedicates Greg Hamilton gets a fraction of the credit and notoriety that should come with such a position, said lefty Jeff Francis, who started for the Kansas City Royals this season. Me it is a no brainer. The three tournaments Canada beat Venezuela (three times), Puerto […]