been on a warpath to silence

When we launched this initiative we had no idea how bad censorship on the internet would become. Over the past few years, multiple domains have been shuttered via registrars, facebook and twitter have been on a warpath to silence alternative opinions, and youtube and google have been hard at work censoring anything that goes against the popular narratives.I have a lot more that I going to be saying on this subject over the next few weeks, as well as some big announcements, but I wanted to get this out as soon as possible.There is no greater threat to men then losing free speech.There are some very strong forces at work attempting to achieve this goal.And while every single company seems pretty fucking bad these days, one is standing out for me as we delve into application and web development:Apple locks their devices to their app store, and Apple is 100% pro censorship of masculine ideas.Many stores are going to ban free speech platforms as we move forward. I expect google to do the same in their android play store (both apple and google rejected Gab app).But there a difference.

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