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I FEEL YOU BIG TIME.Things I have found work for me. Drinking tonnes of water, getting my iron levels up long hair extensions, probiotics and high fat dairy over low fat (I don eat/drink that much anyways) tracking with my fitness pal and intense workouts.Things that I have found don work? Setting a weight goal. […]

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Benjamin Franklin Civic LeaderIn 1726, Franklin organized the first volunteer fire department called The Union Fire Company.[3] In addition, he wrote and published articles with fire safety tips. At the time, fire was the number one cause of destruction and death in homes and buildings. He stressed that an “ounce of prevention is worth a […]

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We explain a lot at Scarleteen that virginity is not a medical term. However, historically, many have made an attempt to try and make it a medical term by considering the “loss” of virginity to be the “breaking” of the hymen for women (there has never really been any such attempt to medicalize virginity for […]